Patient Portal User Agreement
Morton Plant Mease Primary Care, Inc. ("MPMPC") provides the patient portal site in partnership with WebView/McKesson for the exclusive use of its established patients ("Patient Portal").  The Patient Portal is designed to enhance patient-physician communication.  The Patient Portal is an easy and convenient way for MPMPC patients to communicate with their primary care physicians.  But remember, there are important differences.  Communicating through the Patient Portal is not the same as calling your physician's office; there is no person at the other end – just a computer.  You cannot tell for certain when your message will be read, or even if your physician is in the office or on vacation.  Nonetheless, we believe that the ease of communicating via the portal affords a benefit to patient care.  It will further assist us if you could identify the nature of your request in the subject line of your message.  Below are our rules for contacting us using the portal.
  • The Patient Portal is never appropriate for urgent or emergency problems! Please use the telephone to call 911 or go to a Hospital Emergency Department for emergencies.
  • The Patient Portal is great for asking those little questions that do not require a lot of discussion.  Appropriate uses of the Patient Portal also include prescription refill requests, referral and appointment scheduling requests and billing/insurance questions.
  • The Patient Portal may not be checked by your physician on the weekends. Allow minimum 48 hours for your physician/staff to review and comment on all inbound results.
  • Avoid using the Patient Portal to communicate sensitive medical information, such as information regarding sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS/HIV, developmental disability, or substance abuse.
  • The Patient Portal communication is never completely confidential.  It is like sending a postcard through the mail. Our staff may read your messages to handle routine, non-medical matters.
  • You should always try to access the Patient Portal from a secure computer.  Please note that if you access the Patient Portal from your work computer, your employer has a legal right to monitor keystrokes and Internet usage and may see your messages.
  • Communications through the Patient Portal are a part of the medical record.
  • The Patient Portal is not a substitute for seeing your primary care physician.  If you think that you might need to be seen, please call and schedule an appointment.
  • Prior to initiating use of the Patient Portal, you must read and agree to comply with the Term and Conditions and sign this Patient Portal User Agreement.
  • You must select a security question and provide its corresponding answer.  Remote requests for password resets will be authenticated using this security question.
  • The Patient Portal may not be checked by your physician on the weekends.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for your physician or staff to respond to your messages.
  • Provide a correct e-mail address for secure communication through the Patient Portal and agree to immediately update any changes.

Finally, either you or MPMPC may revoke permission to use the Patient Portal at any time.

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